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Hand your next software project to a true software engineer, not to "any" developer!

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I have all you need!

I have all the experience and formal education and all what it takes to realize a software project, in an organized and disciplined way.


Never miss a deadline!

Discipline and timing! I never promise premature deadlines. Those who will do so will beg for extra time later on. I foresee it and tailor a perfect timing for your project.


At Your Service with Such Qualities

Formal Computer Science Education

Undergraduate Education at Sabanci University.

Final GPA: 3.84

Timing makes it perfect

Like I said: I never motivate you for an early delivery, neither make you wait. Any project will be delivered to you at the time promised.


Up to Date

I always keep myself fresh and updated with the latest. Forget the Adobe Flash days, I always use newest and most responsive technology out there.

Make it with Love

You have to make your products with love these days! I dedicated myself to this field from my early ages. Sure will not deliver you a product I am not satisfied with.

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